About Me

As I’ve toyed with the website over the last few months, I kept coming back to this idea from my newspaper days: the 5 W’s and H.

Who. What. Where. When. Why. How.

So I’ve decided to update my about page by reflecting on those journalistic basics.

Who am I?

I trust you can figure out the name from the website. I’m also a revamped journalist (still writing for a living but not really in the news business); an occasional runner; husband, son, brother, uncle and cat dad; a fan of good writing, inappropriate comedy, dad jokes and loud music.

What have I done?

As I’ve tweaked (and tweaked and tweaked) the website over the past few years, I’ve fought with myself over just how much of my newspaper writing to post here.

I mean, that’s what I’ve done for the bulk of the past two decades. Still, who wants to read about city council meetings and court cases and high school volleyball games? Heck, how do I pick and choose what I feel like highlighting and what I don’t?

So, in the meantime, here’s a look at what I’ve done, via the magic of the search engine:

Since February 2016, I’ve been an assistant editor in the media division at The American Legion’s national headquarters.  Before that, I was a staff writer at The Shelbyville (Ind.) News, returning to that job after a couple years away. I was a freelance sports correspondent covering Indiana University sports, and other assignments, at The Terre Haute Tribune-Star and the Post-Tribune of Northwest Indiana. I augmented those gigs with a job as the communications coordinator for the Indiana chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. Before that, I spent nearly a decade at The Republic in Columbus, Ind., starting out as a reporter on the cop beat, moving up to copy editor then being promoted to sports editor. I was a legislative relief newsperson at The Associated Press in Indianapolis before that, a reporter at The Evening World in Bloomfield, Ind., before that, and my professional career began way back in 1998 as a reporter at The Jackson County Banner in Brownstown, Ind.

(NOTE: I don’t have links to online archives for The Post-Tribune, as that all disappeared when the paper was sold from the Sun-Times to the Chicago Tribune; nor The Evening World, which went out of business/merged with a competitor; nor The Jackson County Banner, which never had any of my stories online.)

Where have I been?

I’m going to eventually put my own map here, but this will do for now:

I can also put France and Germany on the list of places I’ve been. More to come, I’m sure.

When can I expect new content?

I know, it’s blasphemy to refer to writing as content. Whatever.

Right now my plan is to post something I’m calling the Friday news dump every Friday. I’m also hoping to post shorter blogs whenever I feel moved to write something. You’ll see why right down there…

Why am I writing here?

Everybody knows blogs are dead. Newspapers, too.

But the way I figure it, I’m paying to keep this domain name on an annual basis, so I should quit effin’ around and put SOMETHING here.

At various times, this site was going to be a portfolio to help me get a job, a blog for me to count down the weeks until I turned 40, a spot to link to the online versions of my various game stories for newspapers … yeah, you could say I’ve been trying to figure it out for awhile.

A big obstacle to me just putting all my effort into this site has been the idea that I have to be careful what I write about–that whole job search thing, you know. And while I don’t intend to go crazy ranting about things here, I do feel like this is a forum for me to write about any number of topics, and maybe try to get that fiction writing part of myself back on line. Or online, as the case may be.

How can you find me?

Well, here at andyproffet.com, of course, your source for all the freshest Andy Proffet content.

But if you insist on looking elsewhere, I can also be found on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook.