For a good chunk of my life, each August has represented a new beginning.

From the time I was five years old, when I took my first nervous steps into Jackson Elementary, on into my 20’s, when each August meant heading off to Muncie, the month of August symbolized the beginnings of a new year, one centered around school.

In August 2002, I was beginning my first year as the primary sports copy editor at The Republic. Four years later, I was the sports editor, covering Friday night high school football games then dashing back to the office to write my own game story and make sure my writers were meeting deadline.

Even after leaving that job, August still represented a new beginning to me, what with preparation for the college football season and my role as a correspondent covering Indiana University.

Things have changed. Which in some ways makes this particular August another new beginning.

So it seems appropriate that some of that change comes here, to my little corner of the Internets. I’ve got the time now, I believe, to dedicate a little more of my energies to the site, and the blog.

Let me know what you think.

Share your words of wisdom.