93 (million miles)

Let’s talk about the stars.
The brightest in our sky shines down
From 93 million miles away,
Give or take.

When I was young,
I dreamed one day I would go to the stars.
I would have the right stuff
To break away from this world
And explore all the others.

But fear and apathy took its toll.
Took my time from me.
And now, all too often,
I forget the stars are even there.

We dream so deeply, so much, so well
When we’re young.
Then we grow up,
And are told to put our dreams away.

Get a job. Get a life. Get a house. Get a wife.
(Or husband as the case may be).

And the stars? They’re still there.
And they don’t care if you’ve put your dreams away.
After all, they’re just big burning balls of gas,
Far away from us,
Except for that one, 93 million miles away.
Give or take.

One perspective, then, might say,
If the stars don’t care about your dreams,
Why not put them away?
Me? I’m trying to find in myself the courage to say,
If the stars won’t nurture my dreams,
Then I’d damn well better do it myself.

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