I’m not sure where my fascination with numbers comes from.
I remember enjoying algebra for some reason. Find x and a + b = 7 and all that.
So, the easy way out for my “91” blog entry probably would have been to look at the fact that I graduated in 1991, and this year will be my 20th annual class reunion, and so on.
But while I considered “91”, I thought about the fact that it’s divisible by just two numbers: 7 and 13.
7, of course, is purportedly a lucky number, a number of power. Likewise, 13 is the unluckiest number of all.
So what happens when you multiply good luck and bad luck together?
Or am I, as I tend to do, reading too much into the possibilities? Or not seeing the possibilities deeply enough?
I may have to revisit this scenario …

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