I got stuck a bit on this one …
Then I started thinking about baseball, which is a bit odd for me because I’ve never been a huge baseball fan. I’ve jumped on the bandwagon a few times — the Phillies of the early 90s, with John Kruk and Lenny Dykstra and Curt Schilling and, yes, even Mitch Williams, were a favorite, probably because of their, shall we say, “unruly” nature. And I followed the great home run chase between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa just as much as the next guy.
But no, baseball’s not my sport. However, there’s that magic number: 90. As in 90 mph fastball.
There’s something about a pitcher hitting that number that makes the average fan take notice. Sure, it’s only 1 mph faster than 89 … but 90 carries so much more mystic weight, doesn’t it?
And from there it’s easy to jump to “90 days to a better” fill-in-the-blank. We look at those plans that tell us we can lose weight or be a better person or what have you in three months, and we’re suckered in.
I’ll never throw a 90 mph fastball. But maybe in 90 days I’ll be that much closer to who I want to be, physically, emotionally, spiritually.
Maybe I am suckered in, after all.

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