The number between 88 and 90

So … this one got a little awkward:
I was trying to come up with an “89”-related entry, and I was going to focus on how this was the first prime number in my countdown (there’s that number thing again), and I was contemplating how to focus on the keyword “prime” when I decided for the heck of it to type “89” into my search bar online to see what might come up.
Bad idea.
The top site on Google when you type in “89” is apparently a free porn site. I say apparently because I’m smart enough to not click on such things. And no, I’m not going to put a link in either, you perv.
So maybe we’ll just let this week go and pick things up next week.
I’m counting on 88 being a lot safer … unless you mess with the Colts’ former No. 88, Marvin Harrison.
That’s called foreshadowing, kids.

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