Running playlist 8.28.11

The day got away from me yesterday, but here’s my iPod shuffle-created playlist for Sunday’s run:

Apparently this was 80s day on the ol’ iPod …

1. “Abacab,” Genesis.

2. “The One Thing, INXS.

3. “Signs,” Tesla.

4. “I Want Action,” Poison. You might think this is the “Don’t Judge Me Song of the Day,” but I think I have a stronger candidate coming up …

5. “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” Rolling Stones.

6. “Let’s Spend the Night Together,” Rolling Stones.

7. “Foolin'” Def Leppard.

8. “Human,” Human League. HERE’S the DJMSotD.

9. “Jump Around (Pete Rock remix),” House of Pain.

Soon to come — i.e., when I find time to actually write it — a little story from me to you about how I started running.

Share your words of wisdom.