Not so fast …

So, plenty of talk on Twitter and elsewhere today regarding ESPN touting the projected bracket for next year’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

In August. For a season that begins in November and a tournament that takes place next March.

Now, as someone who wants to make a living out of using the latest technology to tell stories, I’m fully supportive of using that technology to its utmost potential.

But there’s such a rush to tell ourselves and others what’s going to happen. “We know what happened yesterday, that’s old news. Tell me what’s coming up.”

And, of course, in journalism, you have to have something out there on a daily — sometimes, hourly — basis. All those TV hours and newspaper pages and blogs and websites aren’t going to fill themselves.

But the sheer pace at which one has to operate means there rarely is enough time or resources to do in-depth reporting or storytelling.

I’m fortunate in that, not being a full-time reporter, I don’t have to come up with something to write about every day to justify my position/salary/etc. I know, though, that most of my full-time peers are in that position. I don’t envy them that, or begrudge them when they have to create something to fill the space.

It would be nice to have a business model, though, that allows for some breathing room, so that news can be news again.

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