Indiana 24, Indiana State 17 (the better-late-than-never edition of The Morning After Sports)

So Saturday night’s late kickoff meant getting home technically Sunday morning, and Sunday morning meant going to our new gym to see just how fit (or should I say, unfit) we are, which led to a nap Sunday afternoon before once again braving rain at Deer Creek Verizon Klipsch Music Center for a concert, which led to another sleep-in on Monday morning.

All of which means I didn’t get links to my stories from IU’s season-opening win until this afternoon. I can’t say the stories that made it into print were masterpieces, what with writing to beat deadline and all. But I was able to get a little more in-depth with these stories for the web. Pretty much a standard game story with some analysis for the Post-Tribune.  Because Tribune-Star sports editor/ISU beat writer Todd Golden was on hand to cover the game from the Sycamore perspective, my story for them was more of an analysis of IU quarterback Tre Roberson. And I also had a notebook for the Post-Tribune, written during the game.

Now, it’s off to fight off the remnants of this cold I’ve had since Saturday night…

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