Countdown to kickoff 2014: IU defensive backs

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The last line of defense …

Healthy secondary looks for more takeaways

No. Name Ht./Wt. Class
3 Arthur Jones (S) 5-10/200 R-Frosh
5 Noel Padmore (CB) 5-11/180 R-Frosh
6 Zeke Walker (S) 6-2/200 Freshman
7 Donovan Clark (CB) 5-10/180 Freshman
9 Will Dawkins (S) 5-11/186 Freshman
15 Ben Bach (CB) 6-1/195 R-Frosh.
16 Rashard Fant (CB) 5-10/170 R-Frosh.
17 Michael Hunter (CB) 6-1/192 R-Junior
19 Tony Fields (S) 5-11/202 Freshman
21 Ty Smith (S) 5-10/191 R-Frosh.
22 Kenny Mullen (CB) 5-10/180 Senior
23 Laray Smith (CB) 6-0/190 Sophomore
24 Tim Bennett (CB) 5-9/185 Senior
26 Kiante Walton (CB) 6-0/206 Freshman
29 Dawson Fletcher (S) 6-0/210 Junior
30 Chase Dutra (S) 6-1/208 R-Frosh.
37 Mark Murphy (S) 6-2/215 Senior
40 Antonio Allen (S) 5-10/205 Sophomore
43 Brandon Grubbe (S) 5-11/207 5th-Year

The Hoosiers are looking for more interceptions out of their secondary; the defense as a whole had just seven picks last season, three by the graduated Greg Heban.
Tim Bennett led the nation with 20 pass breakups in 2013; he returns at corner with Michael Hunter. Antonio Allen and Mark Murphy are the starting safeties.
Key to success: Catch some of those passes.

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