Countdown to kickoff 2014: IU defensive line

Indiana’s front four becomes a front three …

Pressure on D-line to apply pressure

No. Name Ht./Wt. Class
53 Shawn Heffern 6-6/267 R-Soph.
55 Nick Carovillano 6-4/230 Freshman
58 Patrick Dougherty 6-5/285 R-Frosh.
72 Derrian Meminger 6-4/270 Freshman
74 Nate Hoff 6-2/305 R-Frosh.
75 Mike Barwick Jr. 6-0/295 Freshman
92 Christopher Cormier 6-2/310 Senior
93 Ralph Green III 6-5/325 R-Soph.
95 Bobby Richardson 6-3/286 Senior
97 Jordan Heiderman 6-3/282 5th-Year
98 Darius Latham 6-5/315 Sophomore
99 Adarius Rayner 6-2/307 R-Junior

The switch to a 3-4 means a new position (the “bandit”) and more pressure on the down linemen to control the line of scrimmage.
Adarius Rayner and Bobby Richardson are the starting ends, with Ralph Green and Nate Hoff listed as co-starters at nose tackle.
Key to success: Hold the line.

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