Vacation 2014: Queso saves the day

If you have the opportunity to eat a burger smothered in queso and bacon, you’ve got to take it.

Our first full day in Orange Beach wasn’t exactly a splendid one. We were both still exhausted from our epic drive the day before, and it rained off and on all day.
So we didn’t spend a lot of time on the beach. Most of our day was spent shopping, in fact; getting some groceries,
checking out various shops. Unfortunately, there really wasn’t any place to walk to from where we were staying, so
there was quite a bit of driving.
And, yes, to save some money on food we went to Wal-Mart. Don’t hold it against us.
One of the places we wanted to check out was The Wharf, which has a variety of shops. It also has restrooms on the second floor, which wouldn’t be so bad if it were all indoors. It’s not, so when it’s raining, there’s not much you can do to avoid getting soaked.
So eventually we decided we should eat lunch, and we ended up choosing a place called Baumhower’s. It’s a sports bar, essentially; all kinds of sports bar cuisine with a LOT of TVs, all of which were tuned in to the Ray Rice debacle the day we were there.



But Baumhower’s is also home to something called Bob’s Gooey Burger, and oh my, it is delicious. Here’s the description: A 1/2 lb. burger is topped with Conecuh Bacon strips and blanketed with gooey blanco cheese. Served on a toasted, premium Rotella bun with fries.
Like I told the waitress, I might as well go with the healthy option.
A piece of advice that I found handy: use a fork if you’re going to eat this burger, because it’s a mess. A tasty, tasty mess.
STILL TO COME: You mean, I have to try seafood while I’m here?

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