The week that was (May 29-June 5)

So while I fine-tune what these Monday posts are going to encompass, here’s some quick hits on things I read, things I wrote, and my running for the week of May 30-June 5:

Read these

I didn’t notice this before, but I’m apparently on an inadvertent “end of the world” kick when it comes to reading—or maybe it’s just pure chance. I picked up a copy of Joe Hill’s The Fireman in his hometown of Bangor, Maine (and I’ll be writing about that trip, you can count on that) and finished reading it last week, and I’ve started Justin Cronin’s City of Mirrors.

Quick thoughts on those books: I still like Horns the best of Hill’s books, although The Fireman is a compelling read and one I can see revisiting. I’ll reserve judgment on City of Mirrors until I’m finished, but I can say it’s more compelling to me than The Twelve was, although not quite up to par with The Passage just yet.

Wrote these

It was back to sportswriting, briefly, for me as I covered the Indiana high school track and field state finals for the Tribune-Star on Friday and Saturday.

Quite a bit of writing at the full-time job as well: my story on a Hiring Our Heroes job fair at Boston’s Fenway Park from the week before and a couple of stories from the Tree Town Music Festival in Iowa, including the presentation of a track chair to a disabled veteran.

Ran these

As I noted on Friday, I’m five weeks into an 18-week half-marathon training plan. I’m still in the “run for a certain number of minutes, walk for a minute, run the rest of the half-hour” part of training, but I know I’ve got ample time to get ready for focusing on distance instead of time. That’s when it’s going to become a challenge.

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