The week that was (8.15.16)

Let’s see if I can get this back on track. Here’s my look back at the week that was:

Things I wrote

I officially said goodbye to sportswriting (although there’s a chance I’ll still cover a game here and there), which prompted some heartwarming responses when I shared the blog on Twitter and Facebook. I’ll address that a bit more come Wednesday.

Things I read

Or, in a couple of cases, I plan to read. The New York Times devoted their entire Sunday magazine to an in-depth look at what’s led to the current situation in the Middle East. At the least, this looks cool and I’m hoping to learn a lot from reading it.

And Conor Friedersdorf listed over 100 pieces of exceptional journalism at The Atlantic’s website. I may not be an official “journalist” anymore, but journalism done well is always going to be special to me.

A couple other stories I wanted to share/keep a link to, including a cool profile of the Colts’ Anthony Castonzo and a column noting the hypocritical stance of some evangelicals when it comes to Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. (For those keeping score, yes, I did lament on my personal Facebook page about the overwhelming number of political posts there. Doesn’t mean I can’t share things here.)

Things I watched

Rented a couple of movies over the weekend. Keanu was hilarious. (“Get that bitch.”) And while Mother’s Day earned the poor reviews it got, sometimes you just need to turn your brain off for two hours and zone out.

How I ran

Umm … let’s just talk about that next week, shall we?

So, readers, anything you want to share?

Share your words of wisdom.