Sauntering treadmill blues

Here’s the thing about having a treadmill in the house–it’s great when you want to run but you don’t want anybody seeing you run.

Now, about 11 weeks ago, I cared a lot less about how I looked when I ran because A) I was in a crowd of several thousand people and B) I just wanted to survive the Indianapolis Monumental Half-Marathon.

I did it, broke the 3-hour limit I had set for myself and … that was it.

My break from running to recover turned into “I can’t run because I’m sick” turned into “I can’t run because it’s cold” turned into “Dude, you’re way too fat to run.”

Now, I’m back to, “Dude, you’re too fat to NOT be running.”

So I got on the treadmill today and jogged for a bit over 30 minutes. I had intended, when 2017 started, to actually start anew with the training plan I did in preparation for each of the 3 half-marathons I’ve run … but, again, wasn’t quite up to par that first week or two of the year.

Nevertheless, I was able to pick up where I should have been had I actually been following the training schedule, and so far I haven’t keeled over in a heap, so go me.

The moral of all this: just because your plans haven’t quite gone the way you intended, don’t throw in the proverbial towel. Just recommit yourself to the goal and get back in the game. #clichesgalore

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