The Colts stink

I tried, I really tried to come up with a better headline for this post. But facts are facts.

The Colts lost to the Jaguars 27-0 on Sunday, the first regular-season shutout loss for the Colts since the glory days of Jeff George, back in December 1993. I wasn’t even old enough to drink (legally) the last time this happened.

And just to be really annoying, I chose the wrong backup Jacksonville running back to spell Leonard Fournette on my fantasy football team. #noonecaresaboutyourfantasyfootballteam

But I watched the whole miserable game (to be honest, I was rooting for the shutout by the end of the game, because why not?). So, is there a bright side to this debacle of a season for the Colts?

Well, they should earn a high draft pick, which they’ll hopefully use on an offensive lineman. Say what you will about Jacoby Brissett’s inexperience at QB, but there’s no way a team should be giving up 10 sacks in 1 game, not in today’s NFL.

This should hasten Chuck Pagano’s departure. All due respect, but Pagano hasn’t done enough to warrant another season, whether Andrew Luck comes back to play this season or not. It’s time for a change.

And, well, maybe my Sundays will be a little freer as the fall goes along.

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