When the chance to go to Maine came up, I knew I had to take it.

One of the beats I took on at the new job was coverage of Boys State and Boys Nation, and in my first year, I drew the assignment of interviewing the previous year’s BN officers about their experience. Turns out one of them was from Maine, so I KNEW I was going to make time on this trip to go to Bangor.

I think “IT” was the King book that really drew me in back when I was a young’un in the 1980s, although I wasted little time checking out the rest of his work after that. (Well, a caveat to that: it took me awhile before I read “The Gunslinger,” and for silly reasons, I passed on reading “The Stand” for a good while too because of the title. Eh, what did I know, right?)

I found a King-centric tour guide and booked it. That day started off pretty rainy, but the rain stopped by the time the tour came to King’s house. It’s just as cool in person as it looks in the photos, although I kept hoping King would come driving up for a conversation. Alas …

It really was an amazing experience. As a bit of a writer myself, it was interesting to see the real-world inspirations for many of King’s characters and stories.