Some of my favorite stories from 18-some years as a newspaper reporter.

In addition to the following stories, I’m including a link here to my work at The Shelbyville News. Most of the stories fall into the news category, but you’ll find some sports coverage in there as well. Enjoy.

June 7, 2009: East rebounds after sustaining heavy damage

Sharp observers might notice a bit of a time difference here. An explanation: in 2002, I moved to the copy desk, then in 2006, I became sports editor, so not much news writing in that span. I’ll likely pull some stories from Shelbyville (2013-15) at some point.

Dec. 23, 2001: Hope eyes upgraded community center

Dec. 2, 2001: Benefits leave officers wanting

Nov. 17, 2001: Attacks altered life aboard ship for local sailor

Oct. 24, 2001: Psychologist: Assure kids by listening in wake of terrorism

Oct. 18, 2001: Haz-mat team taking threats seriously

Sept. 14, 2001: Scam artists using tragedy to make a buck

Sept. 1, 2001: Families face Alzheimer’s challenge

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